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Signs you should consider replacing your windows in MN


Is it time to replace the windows in your home? In the upper Midwest the windows in your home can take a real beating. From the intense heat of the summer to the frigid winters, older windows are not energy efficient and may actually be costing you a lot of money. Here are five

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Are you prepared to weather the storm


Mother nature has a unique way of keeping us on our toes.  Storms can come up out of nowhere in and around Minneapolis and surrounding communities and create significant damage, so it's important to be prepared.  If you are hit by a storm, the aftermath can be devastating.  Welter Construction is your storm damage

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Problems with your roof this winter???


Let’s face it.  The upper midwest can bring some pretty brutal weather. All year long your roof takes a beating from wind, hail, rain and ice.   If you are not paying close attention, damage can happen right under your nose. TRAPPED WATER- Whether it’s an ice dam or failed flashing, trapped water can create a

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How To Protect Your MN Roof This Winter


Protect Your Roof This Winter Against Ice And Snow As another Minnesota winter approaches, many homeowners are beginning to feel the effects of the cold. We’re all hoping our home’s roofing and gutters are ready to face the snow and ice. Home protection is one of the most important reasons why you should upgrade

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Welter Construction’s Top Tips – Kitchen Remodeling


As we head into another Minnesota fall, many homeowners are moving their focus away from exterior construction projects and towards interior remodeling! Your home's roofing and siding are hopefully ready to face the cold winter, and now attention has shifted towards the inside of the home!   Kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling are typically the most

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Benefits To Upgrade Your Siding in Ramsey Minnesota


Your home’s siding is your protection against the harsh Minnesota elements like rain, wind, hail, snow and storm damage! If your home’s siding has serious issues, it could allow serious damage to your home. Don’t let the harsh Ramsey weather damage your property. Getting new siding in Ramsey MN will help prevent all sorts

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Has Your MN Roof Recovered From Last Summer’s Hail Storms?


Get Your MN Roof Ready For Summer! People don’t often get on a ladder and check the condition of their roof. Doing this on a regular basis could, however, eliminate costly roof repairs. Especially with the recent major hail storms that hit MN last summer - this could be the final opportunity for MN homeowners

Has Your MN Roof Recovered From Last Summer’s Hail Storms?2019-02-01T05:30:04+00:00

Home Remodeling: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


If someone talks about a "gift that keeps on giving," they normally mean that the gift will give enjoyment over and over, rather than one that can be enjoyed only once like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine. Typical gifts that do this include radios, cameras, or magazine subscriptions. Although home

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5 Home Remodeling Ideas For 2017


Have you been wanting to do some remodeling in your home? 2017 is definitely the time to do it. The economy is on the rise, contractors are ready to do business, and financing is still affordable. The question comes down to what project do you want to tackle first.   Here are five remodeling

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Choosing The Right Contractor


Here are 9 things to look for in choosing the right roofing, siding & windows contractor: 1). Have they been in business over 10 years? 2). Do they do more than 50 projects a year? 3). Are they Licensed Insured and bonded? 4). Do they have a good standing with the BBB? 5). How are

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