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5 Home Remodeling Ideas For 2017

Have you been wanting to do some remodeling in your home? 2017 is definitely the time to do it. The economy is on the rise, contractors are ready to do business, and financing is still affordable. The question comes down to what project do you...

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The Joys Of A Four Season Porch In MN

One of the primary benefits of remodeling your home or adding a room addition is maximizing your available square footage to suit your lifestyle. For example, remodeling unfinished attics and basements are always smart choices to accommodate your growing family or business, and to provide...

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Patching Your Roof Vs. Replacing Your Roof

Whether newer or older, or shingle, tile, metal or shake, your roof protects one of your most cherished and important investments — your home. When your roof has sustained damage, either suddenly or by natural decline, you're going to ponder the "patch or replace" question. In reality, replacing...

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Inspecting Your Roof After A Storm

Howling winds, pelting rain and hail, snapping tree branches — riding out a storm inside your home can be a frightening experience. On the other hand, a mild rain fall, a light thunderstorm or moderate snow fall may seem totally harmless. Yet, a single straight-line...

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Winter Care Solutions For Residential Roofs

When you think about it, your roof really does endure harsh conditions from the elements — wind-driven rain, snow, ice dams, debris buildup, UV rays, impacts from hail and felled limbs and more. Further, conditions in your attic can contribute to roofing wear and tear, such...

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