Have you sustained fire damage in your Bloomington home or business?

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If there’s a fire in your Bloomington home, do you know who to call after 911? You call Welter Construction at 763-780-6007 to get your home’s damage under control. For a total one-stop solution for water and fire damage restoration and dealing with your insurance company, again that’s the pros at Welter Construction!


When water damage occurs, the primary overall goal is to restore functionality to the home or business ASAP. This includes the first steps of thinking on your feet and stopping the source of the deluge of water. We can’t stop the rain, but we can cover up holes in the roof.

Our professional water damage mitigation services include board up and tarp over services,  deodorizing, advanced dry out restoration, foundation and basement restoration, and anything else your home or business needs to begin water damage restoration and a return to normalcy.


As so often happens, first comes the fire causing terrible damage. Then the inundating water floods the home to put the fire out. You’re left with a home in ruin from water damage and fire damage. This is a common scene. Who do you call after 911? You still need emergency help for your home.

You call Welter Construction right away, and we’ll be there for you right away. We’ll begin water damage and fire damage restoration procedures to stop the damaging effects of water, fire, and smoke, and get your home on course for restoration.


When you’re dealing with storm damage, water damage, and/or fire damage, it means you are likely going to be dealing with an insurance company. If you want to feel sudden relief, allow us to deal with the insurance company on your behalf regarding damage, inspection, and repair to your home exterior, including roof replacement, siding replacement, window replacement, and new gutters where applicable.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Welter Construction in Bloomington, MN

  1. BBB A+ Rated Company
  2. A-Rated Angi Company
  3. Nebraska’s TOP Insurance Claim Experts
  4. Certified, Licensed, & Insured General Contractor
  5. Over 30+ Years Combined Construction Experience
  6. We Only Hire Professional Craftsman
  7. Upfront & Fair Pricing
  8. Fast Free Quotes
  9. 100’s Of Happy Customers
  10. One-Stop-Shop Contractor