Are you looking in the Coon Rapids area for a reliable contractor you can trust? We service the entire city of Coon Rapids and would love to steward your household, or commercial property construction projects!  Welter Construction has been in business for decades and has the testimonies of hundreds of satisfied Minnesota customers to back us up! We’ve even earned the title of the Midwest’s total construction contractor. Give us a call today for a FAST, FREE, BID for your Coon Rapids construction project.


10 Reasons To Choose Us!

  • BBB A+ rating 
  • Angi A-rated company
  • We are Insurance claim experts
  • Certified, licensed, bonded & insured
  • Over 30 years in the business, multi-generational family-owned business
  • We only hire top-rated professionals
  • Fast, friendly & fairly priced service
  • 100’s of happy customers
  • Free Consulting, Free Inspections & Free Quotes!
  • We are a one-stop-shop for anything in the construction

Drafty Windows Be Gone

Drafty windows let heat out of the home costing a fortune for homeowners during Minnesota’s harsh winter months. If your windows are bringing in cold drafts don’t let another day go before fixing the issue. Welter Construction can offer an affordable price on new windows for every Coon Rapids citizen. We have been in business since 1969 working with windows all over the state of Minnesota.

Insurance Claims On Roofs

Welter Construction always striving to help homeowners protect their homes from winter’s roof adversary, the ice dam. When the heavy snows come, and roofs aren’t cleared off consistently, the bottom layer of snow begins to melt during the day and refreeze as ice during the night hours. This ice can build up and cause water to begin to leak into your home. Many insurances cover leaky roofs due to ice dams, or other winter storms. Welter Construction is the Midwest’s construction insurance claim expert. We handle your insurance claim with ease, so you can spend time on more important things! Call today to get started on dealing with your insurance claim.