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Whether facing irreparable storm damage, updating your home’s look, or you just need a few roof leaks fixed, choosing the right roofing contractor in Elk River is a very important decision. Look for a contractor with quality craftsmanship, a track record to prove it, and a guarantee to back it up. That’s Welter Construction!

As a Minnesota homeowner, you’re aware and alert to the different types of storms that can damage your home. It’s also important to understand the possibility of additional damage caused when needed repairs are left unchecked.

The smart way to handle storm or hail damage repair is by hiring a reputable hail damage repair contractor in Elk River, MN. As a trusted design-build contractor with extensive storm damage repair experience, we’ll remove much of the stress involved with the insurance claim filing process and maximize the financial assistance you need.

Welter Construction is Elk River’s trusted provider of storm and hail damage repair services. Year after year, we help homeowners and business owners throughout the “Energy City” and Twin Cities Metro area recover from storm damage. The first step is to contact us for a free storm damage inspection of your home, which includes photo and video documentation of storm and hail damage.

Storm Damage Inspection and Restoration In Elk River

Professional Storm Damage Roof Inspector

A storm damage inspection of your roof should only be performed by a professional and experienced roof inspector. For one, climbing onto a roof is very dangerous! Further, our roof inspectors know how to spot storm damage, big or small, whether impact marks from hailstones, loosened flashing, soft spots, or torn shingles.

Missing or Fractured Roofing Shingles

There are some signs of storm damage that are easily noticed without the need for a rooftop, birds-eye view. If roofing shingles are missing, uplifted, or damaged in any manner, contact us at Welter Construction right away. Missing and damaged shingles can allow water infiltration into the home, which could cause extensive damage to your property and structure.

Missing or Damaged Siding

Your home’s siding is susceptible to wind-driven storms and hail damage in the same way as your roof. Missing siding panels are an obvious indicator of storm damage. The Elk River area is also known for hail storms, which can crack siding and put holes straight through it. Call on the storm damage experts at Welter Construction to assess the damage.

Fast response to roofing and siding issues is critical. The longer repairs are delayed, the longer your home is susceptible to additional damage. Further, insurance companies typically limit the amount of time you have to file your storm damage claim. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy about time limitations.

Storm Damage Repair Process In Elk River

The talented team of home exterior contractors and roofers at Welter Construction provides repair services to Elk River’s homeowners and commercial properties.

If your home or business has been hit with storm damage, contact Welter Construction immediately at (763) 780-6007. A trained inspector will quickly be on their way to assess exterior damage and perform a complimentary home exterior inspection. Further, we can provide you with an estimate with the details you need to help you make the right decision moving forward regarding filing an insurance claim.

If filing a storm damage insurance claim is warranted, we can help you get the most financial assistance possible. We bring extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and claim filing to your side. We know how to spot and document storm damage that satisfies insurance company requirements.

By getting your storm damage claim approved quickly, repairs and construction can soon begin to restore or replace your Elk River home’s roof, siding, windows, and any home exterior services you need. Welter Construction is a one-stop, design-build construction contractor offering repairs and replacements of roofs, siding, gutters, doors, and windows. We take detailed pictures of the completed job to ensure you are completely satisfied!

Roof Replacement and Roof Repair Contractor In Elk River

Storm damage repairs shouldn’t be taken lightly. If a roof repair team isn’t on the job quickly, holes and leaks in the roof can lead to catastrophic damage.

Welter Construction is proud to serve the Elk River community with professional hail damage repair services. If your home has been hit with damaging hailstones, don’t delay reaching out to the trusted provider of storm damage restoration in Elk River.

Contact us online or call us at (763) 780-6007 for immediate service! We’ll provide you with a fast, free quote for exterior damage to your Elk River home or business!

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  5. Over 30 years in the business, multi-generational family-owned business
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