Got Hail Damage?

Did your home or business property recently get hit by the latest hail storm? If you’re living in Linwood, MN, Wyoming, MN, Stacy, MN, Forest Lake, MN, or Scandia, MN your home or commercial building most likely has hail damage! Get a free inspection from Welter Construction. Check out the recent size of the hail that hit these areas.

Minnesota Hail Storm Damage in Wyoming, Lindwood, Forest Lake, Stacy, Or Scandia?

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If you’re living in Wyoming, Linwood, Forest Lake, Stacy, or Scandia, we have restoration teams currently in your cities and neighborhoods. If your neighbor has hail damage, you probably do too! It’s important to get an inspection from a professional restoration specialist. Professionals assess your damage accurately so you can handle the penny-pinching insurance companies. If you think your roof, siding, windows, or even gutters were damaged by the recent hail storm, call Welter Construction today for a fast free inspection!

hail damage to roof in mn

Roofing Hail Damage

Roofing Hail Storm Damage

Your home’s roof is most likely the place where hail and storm damage will occur. You can see the hail indents on asphalt shingles right away once you get up on the roof and take a look. Sometimes the damage is smaller and harder to see, but Welter’s insurance claim experts will be able to point it out. You also will be able to see the damage that occurs to the roof’s flashing and vent pipes. A restoration specialist at Welter Construction will spot your damage instantly during the fast and free hail storm inspection.

Siding Hail Storm Damage

Siding is another common area that gets blasted and damaged by hail storms. Especially if there are strong winds during the storms, vinyl siding takes quite the beating. It’s especially important to get a fast inspection on siding hail damage. If you leave siding damaged for long, water begins to seep into the home and basement through the cracks. Home siding damage is usually pretty noticeable after a hail storm. Especially the size of the storm that just swept through Wyoming, Linwood, Forest Lake, Stacy, and Scandia, Minnesota!

If you are unsure if your home or commercial property hail damage is large enough for an insurance claim, call Welter! Welter Construction’s insurance claim restoration specialists can point out even the smallest hail dents on your siding.

Window and Siding Hail Damage

Window Hail Damage

Windows are another area of a home that are typically damaged during hail storms. Unlike roofing and siding hail damage which can be small, you will know if you have window hail damage! Broken panes and dented shutters abound when hail storms hit MN. Welter Construction gives free estimates on all hail damage, windows included.

Finding A Trusted Hail Storm Roofing & Siding Contractor

We know it’s hard to find someone you trust to repair your home’s roofing and siding after a hail storm. Take a look at Welter Construction’s Online Reviews to build trust and hear from other people in the same city as you! We also have longer  On-Site Testimonials you can check out. If you want to see some of our work or view our online construction portfolio you can do so under the ABOUT section on our site. Still not convinced? Here are 10 more reasons you should hire Welter Construction for whatever roofing, siding, or other construction projects you may have:

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