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Save Money Long-term With Dark Roofing

Are utility bills getting too high? Are you looking to save money long-term by upgrading your home? Darker metal roofing helps save you money on each energy bill! Darker metal roofs draw heat onto the top of the metal roof using a special surface that reflects and draws heat at the same time. However, instead of pulling the heat into the home, these roofs are designed to distribute heat across the entire roof and down the edge of the home, never causing the home to heat up! While this keeps things cool in the summer, it also creates an insulating effect that causes the heat that is existing in the home to stay there. Dark metal roofing can be a homeowner’s best friend. Especially in states like Minnesota where the temperature drops significantly, dark metal roofing is extremely beneficial for utility bills. Even during the summer months, dark metal roofing keeps heat away from the inside of the home dissipating it over the edge of the roof. While the roof may greatly vary in temperature due to weather changes, dark metal roofing causes the inside of the home to retain the “set” temperature that the homeowner desires.

New Windows New Home

Another practical way to save with utility bills is installing new windows! Homeowners can not only save money on utility bills, but they can really freshen up the home at the same time. New windows allow homeowners to take control of their living environment is by utilizing wall and window space to optimize the amount of natural light coming into the home. If your current home feels dreary, it may be lacking windows letting in light, or it may just have very tiny minuscule windows. Get rid of the windows that don’t allow natural light into each room! Give Welter Construction a call today and bring wonderful natural light into your Andover home by installing new windows! You can install windows any time of year and they will most definitely perk up your home.