When you’re searching for a contractor to replace your home’s roof, keep in mind that it’s an important decision that will affect your home and property for many years. Whether your roof and siding were hit by irreparable hail damage, or you’re updating your home’s look, choose an experienced design-build contractor in Otsego. That’s Welter Construction!

As you know, homes and businesses in the Otsego community face possible damage from all types of storms, such as massive amounts of hail, wind-driven rain, and tornadoes. When faced with storm damage or hail damage to your wand siding, be mindful that any delays in storm damage repairs carry the possibility of additional damage from trailing storms.

As a professional roofing company and design-build home contractor, Welter Construction brings the experience needed to ensure you get the maximum financial assistance for storm and hail damage restoration when filing a storm damage insurance claim. We help hundreds of homeowners and business owners recover from storm and hail damage every year.

During our free storm damage inspections in Otsego, we accurately document all storm and hail damage to your roof and siding to support storm damage insurance claims. Further, we provide our storm and hail damage inspections free of charge with no obligations.

When Storm Damage Inspection and Restoration Is Needed

Roofing Shingles Missing or Damaged

After any severe storm, it’s important to walk around your home and look for roof damage. Missing shingles and torn or uplifted shingles are sure signs your home suffered storm damage. Sometimes storm and hail damage isn’t noticeable from the ground and can only be detected from the rooftop. Stay safe, skip the guesswork, and protect your home by calling Welter Construction!

Siding Missing or Damaged

Strong wind-driven storms in the Otsego area can tear away siding panels, while hailstones falling at rapid speeds can easily punch through siding leaving holes and cracks. When there is surface damage to siding, there is often underlying damage, such as wind-stress fractures. We’ll document storm siding damage, help with the claims filing process, and get your home back to its pre-loss state quickly!

When facing storm damage repairs for your Otsego home or business, it’s imperative not to delay! Secondary damage to your home and property caused by delays in storm damage repairs is generally not covered by insurance companies. Call Welter Construction right away if you see or suspect storm and hail damage!

Process of Otsego Storm Damage Repair Services

Our experienced and talented team of roofing contractors at Welter Construction provides roof repairs and design-build construction services to residential properties and businesses in Otsego and surrounding communities.

If your home has been hit with storm damage, contact our office right away at (763) 780-6007. We’ll quickly send one of our trained inspectors to meet with you and document exterior damage with a complimentary inspection. We can also provide a detailed estimate that can help with filing an insurance claim for storm damage.

Every year, we deal with hundreds of homeowners insurance claims in Otsego and Twin Cities Metro. If you decide to move forward with filing an insurance claim, our experience with homeowners insurance companies and our storm damage inspection, complete with photos and video, can help you get the most coverage possible.

Once your insurance claim has been approved, we can get the storm damage restoration process started quickly with repairs to your roof and siding or a replacement roof for extensive damage. Our storm damage repair services include repairs for damaged roofs, gutters, siding, and windows. We offer a 5-year warranty for craftsmanship, and our contractors are licensed, bonded, and fully insured.

Roof Repair and Roof Replacement in Otsego

In Otsego and the seven counties region of Twin Cities Metro, storm damage shouldn’t be taken lightly. Delays with storm damage repairs can have catastrophic consequences to home and property.

Welter Construction is proud to serve the Otsego community with free hail damage inspections and professional storm damage restoration services. If your home has been hit with hail damage, do not hesitate to reach out to your trusted storm damage contractor in Otsego.

Call us at (763) 780-6007 for a free storm damage inspection and estimate for any damage to your roof, siding, gutters, and windows. We stand behind our work and we’re proud of our stellar customer reviews on Google and other customer review websites!

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