Is it time for a new roof in Dayton, MN?

A roof inspection can help all Dayton, MN home and business owners determine if it’s the right time for a new roof! Do you rent out a home, condo, or apartment complex? Are planning on selling your property soon? If this is the case, or if the roofing system on your Dayton, MN property is over 20 years old, you should get your roof inspected! Welter Construction will inspect your roofing system thoroughly to determine and assess any damage that has occurred over time, or due to a recent storm. Welter Construction’s trained professionals will inform you if your roof can be repaired or if you need a total roof replacement. Remember, a roof replacement is more than just new shingles! If you get a new roof installed this could also include new flashing around the vent pipes and chimney.


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Top reasons for roof replacement

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if your roof is in need of replacement. Of course, if water is leaking into your home that’s a pretty good side you need a new roof. However, besides having a leaky roof over your head there are plenty of other signs that your roofing system is damaged and is in need of a roofing repair or new roof installation! Signs of damaged roofing can include but are not limited to: Missing, broken or torn shingles, cupped or curled shingles, mold damage, worn or “bald” shingles, small roof leaks, rotting sheathing, and termite infestation. Call Welter Construction today if you believe your Dayton, MN roof is in need of a roofing replacement.