Roof Replacement Is Cost-Effective

Are you thinking your home in Rogers, MN could use a new roof? Unsure if you need to totally replace your roof or do a simple roof repair? Welter Construction is your roofing professional in Rogers, MN! We are here to help!

Most homeowners don’t realize that roofing system replacements actually won’t break the bank and are a much better option long term than a roof repair! Roof repairs are like putting a band-aid on your home. If the problem is small and minor, a roof repair is great! However, if the problem is widespread or reoccurring, a roof replacement is the way to go! Roof replacements will give your roofing system a brand new start and will protect your home for years to come. The exception of course is in the case of major hail or storm damage, which should be inspected immediately by a roofing insurance specialist!


10 Reasons To Choose Us!

  • BBB A+ rating 
  • Angi A-rated company
  • We are Insurance claim experts
  • Certified, licensed, bonded & insured
  • Over 30 years in the business, multi-generational family-owned business
  • We only hire top-rated professionals
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  • 100’s of happy customers
  • Free Consulting, Free Inspections & Free Quotes!
  • We are a one-stop-shop for anything in the construction

Add Value To Your Rogers, MN Home

Upgrading your home’s roofing and siding will add value to your home! Additionally, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your family is safe and protected. If you wish to sell, or your planning on staying in Rogers for a while, having a solid roofing system and reliable home siding adds value to your home property. If you do ever decide you want to leave the Rogers area, you’ll receive a return on your investment! Remember a new roof may be the more affordable option in the long run, especially if your home is at risk of water/mold damage!