You’ve done your research, and your mind is set to install exterior siding.

Great decision! Home siding is available in many materials. It can replicate any design and style of wood. You have a rainbow of colors to choose from. And, it’s manufactured to last through the years, if not several decades, with very little maintenance involved. It’s tough to beat that. So where do you start? Right here! Use this page as a reference to help guide you through three things you need to know about your upcoming siding installation.


The timeline for siding installation is dependent upon a few factors. The first of which is the size and design of your home and the area of your home to receive siding. There may be a permit to pull, and the amount of tear out of old cladding is another point to consider. All of these factors need to be addressed before you receive the final quote from your contractor.

A good ballpark figure for installing siding, that you can consider for scheduling purposes, is one to two weeks. This timeline includes the following:

  • Tear out of your existing cladding.
  • Prep work
  • Possibly installing insulation and a vapor barrier
  • Installing your new siding
  • Any painting or trim work that needs to be completed


There’s a lot of things to prepare for and consider before the big day.

  • Move items away from the perimeter of your home. This could include patio furniture, garbage bins, hoses, potted plants and anything else near the exterior walls.
  • Trim back or tie back tree limbs and shrubs near exterior walls.
  • Keep your driveway clear for the dumpster that will be delivered to collect debris and to allow workers access to your home.
  • To minimize the chance of your vehicles being damaged, keep them clear of the driveway and work areas.
  • Be sure to keep all children and any pets away from the work zone.
  • Inside your home, remove pictures and valuables from the walls as the walls may sometimes shake during installation.


Your home’s old siding must be removed before the new siding is installed. Once this happens, your home’s walls are inspected by the contractor to assess the condition and if there’s any damage, such as mold or rot. Your new siding’s stability and aesthetic is contingent on a solid foundation, so to speak.

If your walls do need repair, your contractor will show you and discuss the matter with you before moving forward. Once the integrity of your home’s exterior walls has been established, a vapor barrier or insulation is installed if needed. Finally, your new exterior siding is installed. If your siding is to be painted, it will be a couple of more days before you’ll see your home’s brand-new look!

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