Shingled rooftops provide a gorgeous aesthetic finish for any home or business, boosting curb appeal and property value.

However, shingles become damaged quickly in storms or heavy wind conditions. Owners must maintain, repair, and replace damaged shingles to avoid needing a complete roof replacement.

If you own a home or business with a shingled roof, you may be unaware of the damage that threatens your roof. Before searching for “roof repair near me,” brush up on the types of shingle damage in the blog below.

Cracking and Splitting

High winds, sharp temperature changes, age, and dry conditions often contribute to the cracking and splitting of the shingle’s surface. This damage occurs in most types of shingles, including asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and composite shingles.

Look for splits or visible fissures on the surface of your shingles. If most of your shingles have cracked or split, consider planning for the cost of roof replacement surfaces.

Heat Blistering

Excess heat from poor ventilation below a roof increases the risk of blistering and bubbling. When blistering forms, replace the affected shingles as quickly as possible to avoid further roof damage.

Chipping and Flaking

A common sight on an old roof, chipping and flaking, is a sign your shingles have reached the end of their use. Contact roofing services in our area as soon as possible to begin inspections.

Manufacturer Defects and Improper Installation

The construction industry uses specific steps to install shingles. If a construction company skips steps or cuts corners during new roof installation, they put the shingles, roof, and building at risk.

If you suspect manufacturer defects or installation issues in your new roof, contact a dependable roofing contractor for an objective inspection before reaching out to the Better Business Bureau.

Curling and Cupping

Buckling shingles indicate excess heat. In most cases where curling and cupping shingles appear, the roof system has insufficient ventilation.

Ask your roofing company to inspect shingles and determine whether sealant chemicals can prevent further damage to your roof. If these sealants fail, your only option may be roof repairs.

Solutions for Shingle Damage

Notice any damage to your shingled roof? Consider the options below when reaching out to roofing companies in your area.

Shingle Maintenance and Replacement

Roofers have the knowledge and tools to quickly and efficiently replaced damaged shingles. After an inspection, roof repair companies will provide a quote for labor materials before proceeding.

Roof Replacement

In most cases, construction experts recommend replacement services as a last resort. However, it might be the most cost-effective option if your roof has multiple damaged or missing shingles.

Find Roof Maintenance and Installation in Minneapolis

Have you noticed your shingled roof looking shabby or in disrepair? Don’t wait to repair or replace missing or damaged shingles. Putting off minor roof repairs might result in the need for structural repairs or even replacing your roof.

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