Season after season, the weather conditions in Minneapolis put your roof to the test. Keeping your roof in good shape with regular maintenance helps ensure your roof will pass the tests and protect your home, loved ones, and belongings time and again. More than that, regular roof maintenance and professional roof inspections help catch minor roof problems before they develop into major problems, avoiding roofing pitfalls. What follows are seven tips to follow for Minneapolis’s ultimate roof maintenance checklist!

Check the Shingles

A roofing system is constructed of multiple layers of materials to keep water out of your home. The roofing layer that you see everyday is the shingles. Check the shingles each season and after wind-driven storms. Look for missing shingles and signs of damaged shingles, such as tears, curling, uplifting, and granules in the gutter downspouts. Don’t climb up on the roof. Use a pair of binoculars for a close-up look at the shingles standing firmly on the ground. If you spot any shingle damage, call your roofing contractor for a professional inspection.

Check For Signs Of Leaks

When a roof develops leaks, it will typically show signs in the form of water stains on ceilings and walls and moldy and musty odors in the home. If you have a leaky roof, it may be more apparent inside the attic. Look for water stains on timber and insulation. Water from a leaky roof can quickly cause extensive damage to your home that is difficult, inconvenient, and expensive to repair. If you see even a small water stain anywhere in your home, find out its source ASAP.

Trim Tree Branches

Overhanging tree branches can damage a roof by falling on it or scraping it. Trees should be trimmed back to minimize the potential for roof damage. Tree branches at risk of breaking under the pressure of wind or weight of snow and ice should be removed.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters play a very important role in conveying water away from the roof, exterior walls, and the foundation of your home. Gutters can become clogged due to the buildup of debris and from sagging. Gutters should be cleaned as needed, which for many homeowners is twice a year. Sagging and leaking gutters should be repaired or replaced altogether. If water is allowed to pool inside clogged gutters, the water can seep into the roof decking and wick into the attic and exterior walls. Further, water spilling over gutters soaks down to the foundation and may contribute to basement leaks.

Wash Your Roof

Due to weather conditions, overhanging trees, orientation to the sun, and other factors, many roofs develop moss and algae growth. While moss can look rustic and charming on a roof, it is actually bad news for your roof’s longevity. Eventually, moss and algae eat away at shingles and will prompt a roof replacement or roof repair way ahead of schedule.

Washing your roof should be left to a professional roofing contractor. Not only is climbing up on your roof and walking on it dangerous for your safety, you can actually damage your roof by walking on it and washing it incorrectly. Leave roof washing to the pros.

Sagging and Discoloration

Two of the most obvious telltale signs of a roofing problem are sagging and shingle fading. Sagging or wavy roofs indicate problems with the roof decking and framework. Faded shingles indicate UV damage and a significant loss of granules. The granules are embedded in shingles to protect the shingles from UV rays and to help keep your attic cooler. If your roof is sagging or the shingles have faded, call your roofing contractor.

Get a Professional Roof Inspection!

A roof should be inspected by a professional roofer following strong wind-driven storms, signs of roof problems, hail storms, and if your roof gets ice dams during the winter. A good roof inspection will show you the approximate years the roof will protect your home, reveal any needed roof repairs, and provide you with a free estimate should you need any roof repairs or a roof replacement. Work with a reputable local roofing company that is going to be around year after year and stands behind their work.

When you need a free roof inspection, a roof repair estimate, or a roof replacement, contact the roofing pros at Welter Construction with our online form or by calling (763) 780-6007!