From our experience in the construction and roofing industry for more than 30 years, not too many homeowners put a high priority on inspecting their roofs. That is, not until a leak is spotted in the home. If you wait until a leak is spotted on a ceiling or wall, it likely means that extensive damage has already occurred.

Don’t let this happen to you. Read through our 3-step process for your home roof inspection, and get your roofing system up to date.


We’ll first talk to you about your roofing system history, such as how old it is or how old the house is. Next, we’ll ask if you’ve seen any interior signs of roofing leaks, such as water stains or actual water dripping. Then, we take the inspection to your attic.

Attics can provide a host of clues that indicate the shape your roofing system is in. Questions we ask ourselves include:

  • Is the attic well insulated?
  • Is the attic well ventilated?
  • Is there mold and mildew anywhere?
  • Is there any light shining through the roof decking?
  • Are there any soft spots?

These questions and answers tell a lot about the condition of your roof and how to proceed next.


We take a quick visual from the ground.

  • Is there any sagging in the roof?
  • Are there overhanging limbs that need trimming?
  • Is there rust on flashing anywhere?
  • Are there any shingles that are curled, damaged, or missing?
  • Are the gutters in good shape, or are they separated, sagging, or falling away from the home?

Next, we take a look up on your roof. If your roof has sustained damage from a recent storm, such as our video shows HERE a roof damaged from hail, we’ll mark trouble areas with chalk. As you’ll see in the video, the roof had so much damage that an entire replacement was in order. But, that isn’t always the case.

Some roofs just need a few repairs, replaced shingles, or flashing work completed. That’s often the case if you haven’t let your roof fall into disrepair. But, if you can’t remember the last time your roof was inspected, there could be more work needed.


You may feel a little nervous about receiving an estimate.

  • “How much is this going to run me?”
  • “Am I obligated to use your company?”
  • “How long will the repair or replacement take?”

These are common questions. Well, we at Welter Construction have some good news. We offer fast, free, honest, and no-obligation estimates on all of our services. We are here to help you should you decide to hire our services. We want to make permanent customers, as we have for decades. Our goal is your complete 100% satisfaction, and that’s it!

So, your estimate should be itemized, easy to understand, and thoroughly explained to you. Your roofer should answer all of your questions clearly in a professional manner. That’s how we do business at Welter Construction.

If you need a home roof inspection, let our pros walk you through our 3-step roofing inspection process so you can clearly understand the extent your roof needs some attention. Remember, never ever go up on your roof. Leave it to the pros. Give Welter Construction a call today at (763) 710-2066.