Bad siding on your home’s exterior not only hurts your house’s curb appeal; it can also make you spend more on utility bills during the winter. Replacing old siding during the winter season carries numerous benefits.

So today, Welter Construction is here with four reasons to replace your siding this winter. We will also discuss how the siding replacement process works.

1. Convenient Scheduling

A major benefit of replacing siding during the winter is more flexible scheduling. Siding installation companies are usually not as busy in the winter, making the colder months a convenient installation time for new siding.

2. Keep Heat Inside

One of the biggest reasons to replace your siding this winter is to lower heating bills. Side panels insulate your house during the winter months, keeping the heat inside where it belongs. New side panels can make your home more energy efficient and also helps keep your house cool during warmer months.

3. Can Ignore Landscaping

Replacing siding in the winter is also convenient because contractors won’t have to worry about landscaping. Plants go dormant in cold temperatures, meaning that workers can have your siding replaced without worrying about damaging your plants and bushes.

4. Increase Home Value

Last but not least, new siding can improve your home’s resell value and curb appeal. Replacement side panels can increase your property values by as much as 75% of the cost of the project, which means residing a house has a high ROI compared to several other home improvement projects.

Siding Installation Process

Residing a house is a tricky process, so you should call a professional siding contractor to do it for you. First, the roofing contractor will remove any old paneling and prepare the side of your house. Contractors will repair any damage while preparing the wall.

Next, they will install new insulation against the existing sheathing. The new insulation works with the new side panels to further improve energy efficiency. Afterward, the contractors will place the siding panels and anchor them into the wall with nails. Contractors cannot nail panels too tight, or they could crack when it’s cold outside and sag when it’s hot outside.

Siding Replacement Costs

The exact costs will depend on prep time, wall condition, materials, and labor demand. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to reside a house is approximately $11,000, with most homeowners paying between $5,600 and $17,000.

Is Residing My House Worth It?

Residing your house in cold weather is a great idea, especially if you have old panels that need replacing. Residing your house increases property value and also makes your home more comfortable. Moreover, new siding will protect your house from wind, sleet, hail, heavy rains, and other kinds of bad weather.

Safeguard Your Home from Cold Weather!

Now that you know some reasons to replace your siding this winter, it’s time to take the next step. Contact Welter Construction online or call today at (763) 780-6007 to schedule siding installation!