When you are seeking quotes for a new roof or a roof repair, it pays to be mindful of the vast differences that exist from one roofing contractor to the next. This may be common across many industries, regarding best business practices, work quality and pricing.


However, few home investments carry as much responsibility for protecting your loved ones, interlinking systems and possessions as your roof. When you are interviewing prospective roofing companies, ask these five questions and expect great answers.


1. Do you have current license and insurance?


The first step to ensure that the employees working on, around and inside your home are competent and trustworthy is to verify that the contractor is properly licensed and insured.


  • License: In Minnesota, permits for any residential roofing or remodeling projects are issued only to contractors who hold a state license.
  • Liability insurance: Ask for liability insurance information and call to make sure that it’s current.
  • Worker’s comp: Your contractor must also carry worker’s comp insurance, or you may be held financially responsible for any work-related injuries occurring on your property.


2. Do you pull permits and follow all municipal building codes requirements?


Your contractor should handle pulling permits and oversee code inspections with the Building Inspector. You certainly don’t want to be cited for code violations. Moreover, the permit holder is responsible for any corrections that may be required due to mistakes or negligence (e.g. inspection reveals that no ice barrier was included as part of the underlayment).


3. Can you provide recent references?


The quality of work and customer service you may expect to receive is determined by a contractor’s past customers. Ask your roofing contractor to provide you with references and testimonials of recent work.


4. Do you do inspections and estimates for insurance claims?


If your roof has suffered damage from hail, wind and/or water, you want a trustworthy roofing contractor with experience and knowledge in dealing with insurance claims. Expect a free inspection, a free estimate for recommended repairs and full participation with insurance adjusters.

5. Who do I call for questions and concerns?


A dedicated project manager should be assigned to your roofing project that is available to answer your questions. What if work is delayed due to weather, and then you are out of town? Who do you trust with your house keys? Who’s in charge? You are!


Lastly, remember that your new roof or repaired roof will only be as sound as the roofing contractor you hire. For more information, contact the experts at Welter Construction today!