Your commercial roof is a vital structure that protects interior building systems, equipment, inventory and your company’s productivity. So, if there’s a problem with your commercial roof, wouldn’t you like to know about it sooner rather than later? Read on to learn five important reasons why you can’t afford not to invest in semi-annual scheduled commercial roof inspections.


Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning


Preventive facilities maintenance should be part of any fiscally responsible building maintenance plan. Just like your property’s HVAC and plumbing systems need maintenance, naturally, your commercial roof needs regular care and cleaning to reach or exceed its expected service life.

In fact, astute building managers know that taking care of their commercial roof pushes back roof replacement, and frees up capital for other uses. So, when it comes to investing in scheduled TLC, don’t forget your roof in the spring and fall!


Detect Leaks and Other Problems Early


Early leak detection and identifying other roofing faults is imperative to maintaining a sound commercial roof. Leaks may travel laterally before telltale signs of water stains appear on interior structure, systems and surfaces. So, if there is a blemish, defect or pinhole in your commercial roof, water will find it.

Further, and adding insult to injury, water will exploit roofing problems — making a big deal of a small problem, turning insulation into moldy mush and rotting and corroding underlying materials until you need a commercial roof replacement.


Assess Active Aging


Think of your commercial roof as having two different ages — the projected service life from the point of installation, and its real-time active aging on a day-to-day basis. An inspection of your commercial roof is the only way to assess active aging, and implement the necessary preventive care and repairs to meet or exceed its projected service life.

Unlike the projected age, which is in essence only an average, your commercial roof’s active aging is contingent upon the following paradigm:


  • The quality of installation
  • The wear and tear it endures from the elements and human activity
  • Regularly scheduled inspections
  • The quality of preventive maintenance, repairs and updates



Code Compliance and Updates


Semi-annual commercial roof inspections ensure your roof will stay up to code. Inspections also give you the opportunity to continually make improvements and stay on top of roofing, property and technological innovations.

For example, you may choose to stay up to speed with cool-roofing technologies, install an energy-efficient computerized HVAC system or update the electronic assets of your building. You’ll need to ensure you are up to code regarding fire protection and lightning mitigation.


Assess Storm-Protection Upgrades


Wind-driven rain, hail, felled tree limbs, strewn debris and heavy ice and snow are issues your commercial roof, your property investment and your company’s productivity will inevitably face. Inspect and shore up your commercial roof before the storm, or you may be calling someone for emergency repairs after the storm has passed.


If your commercial roof is overdue for a commercial roof inspection, preventive maintenance, repair or upgrade, contact the professionals at Welter Construction today!