If you’re reading this article and other articles like it, you may be concerned that you have a problem with your roof—perhaps a very big problem requiring a complete roof replacement. First of all, from the thousands of roof inspections we’ve performed over the years, the results of the roof inspections by far tallied in favor for roof repairs rather than roof replacements.

Therefore, having been down this roof repair-or-replacement road hundreds or even thousands of times with our customers, we at Welter Construction decided to put together a simple shortlist of five signs a new roof replacement should be in your near future.


A keen eye for detail can detect roofing problems from the ground. Is the sheathing wavy and sagging in places? What condition are the gutters—pulling away, sagging, separated seams? Are there water stains on the walls from rainwater streaming down? Are overhanging tree limbs impacting the roof anywhere? A tour around the home may reveal shingle granules in the downspouts. Gutter damage may be more apparent, which can lead to water infiltration into the roofing system, attic, walls, and even the basement and foundation.

Roof maintenance and repair records are helpful if you have them. When all is said and done, a lack of regular roof maintenance and neglecting roof repairs can cut a roof’s life expectancy short. A good roof inspection will tell you how long it will be before you should get a roof replacement. With age, a roof older than 15 years is a good candidate for replacement.


Once on the roof, video is taken of the entire roof surface. This will be proof positive of the condition the roof is in. Your contractor should be looking for missing shingles, buckled shingles, and torn shingles. Flashing is inspected for damage and sealant. If any of the aforementioned shingle or flashing problems are present, there’s a good chance water has infiltrated your roofing system. An inspection of the attic can reveal the extent of the water leak.


Moss, algae, and lichen growth are definitely signs of a troubled roofing system. The presence of moss and lichen typically indicate deterioration to the shingles and perhaps the layers underneath. Black algae is mostly just a cosmetic problem. Green algae may grow between shingles when water is present. This means your roof is going to hold water. When the weather turns cold, the algae and water will freeze and can cause substantial damage to your roof.


Any time your roof is put through a heavy storm, high-velocity winds, and/or hail, it should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor. It’s not worth the risk to ignore your roof and let needed repairs get kicked off. You can take a look at your roof from the ground to see if you notice any major signs of trouble. If your roofing contractor detects several pockmarks from hail impacts and loosened granules, you’ll at best need to replace the shingles or perhaps the entire roof.


If needed repairs get ignored, it often leads to roof leaks. An inspection of your attic can reveal water leaks coming through the sheathing. However, water can wick several feet and yards from where the leak originated. Further, if you detect any of the following signs, it may be time for a roof replacement:

  • You see discolored spots on your ceilings and/or walls.
  • You see mold and mildew in the attic.
  • You see water stains on the furnace or water heater vent stack.
  • Damp spots are found along fireplaces.
  • Paint is peeling on the eaves underside.
  • Interior paint or wallpaper is peeling inside the home.

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