Whether spring, summer, winter, or fall, very few home exterior projects like siding installations and roof replacements in Twin Cities are completed under ideal weather conditions. Many homeowners may think that the winter season brings the worst weather conditions for home exterior updates, however, the opposite is often the case.

Siding replacement in the winter offers some advantages over installing siding in other seasons. Though, if you’re still on the fence whether to update your siding this winter, read through the following FAQs we at Welter Construction hear most often about winter siding replacement.

1. Can siding be installed during the winter?

The life cycle of any home siding replacement, barring severe storm damage, depends upon the siding material, the workmanship, and the weather conditions during installation. Fiber-cement board is the best siding material for winter and every season. The best fiber-cement siding is by James Hardie, which developed this siding material more than 40 years go. So, there are no drawbacks for installing James Hardie siding products in freezing temperatures down to minus 18 degrees.

2. Does it take longer to install siding in the winter than in the summer?

Fewer hours of daylight during the winter can possibly impact a new siding installation timeframe by one day or two days tops. In most cases, even with fewer daylight hours, siding installation doesn’t take any longer during the winter.

3. Will my house be colder during a winter siding installation?

The indoor temperature may be cooler for one or two days while the building wrap is being replaced. However, the tradeoff is the opposite for summer installation with a warmer house for one or two days.

4. What are the downsides to replacing siding during winter in the Twin Cities?

If you are installing metal or vinyl siding, your installation crew will need to be very experienced in best practices for cold temperature installation. Vinyl, metal, and even wood siding materials expand and contract depending on temperature. However, if you decide to install James Hardie siding and trim, you don’t have to worry about winter temperatures down to -18 degrees during installation.

5. Will winter siding replacement damage my lawn or shrubbery?

Winter season siding replacement is actually easier on your yard than installing siding during warm weather. During the winter your yard is cold and hard from the freezing temperatures. During warmer seasons, and particularly the summer, your yard is softer and holds more moisture, which makes it more vulnerable to demo work and a crew walking on your property.

6. Are siding contractors available during the winter?

Yes, siding and roofing contractors in Twin Cities are available during the winter. Further, business for many contractors is generally slows down during the winter season. So, scheduling options may be more convenient for you.

Additionally, you may not spend a lot of time out in your yard during the winter. During the summer, a siding installation crew will be working around your house, which can interfere with your outdoor leisure time. Further, the kids will be at school during the winter rather than around the house during the siding installation.

7. Are there special prices during the winter?

The primary factor that impacts the price of a siding replacement bid is labor costs. Home contractors tend to offer more competitive bids when business slows, which it does during the winter. So, there are savings to be had during the winter.

Spruce up your home this winter with a wonderful new siding installation. We at Welter Construction bring the experience and customer service you expect. Call us today at (763) 780-6007 with any questions about installing siding in the winter or any season!