One of the many blessings of living in the Midwest is experiencing all of the beauty of the four seasons. There’s the warmth of summer, the beautiful fall colors, winter adventures, and the excitement the spring months bring. Four season rooms, filled with sunlight and cozy furniture, is one of the best ways to experience all four seasons from the conditioned comfort of your own home! Here’s everything you need to know about installing a four season room.

Affordable Expansion

Four season rooms are transitional spaces for your home that expand your living spaces, allowing you to connect to the outdoors while enjoying the comfort of indoor climate control. A relatively common room addition for Midwest homeowners, four season rooms and porches are a great choice for home expansion due to their variable low cost and budget affordability.

Take for instance, a four season room may be built on a full foundation or built on poured footings. They may be insulated with R13 fiberglass or with foam, and four season rooms can be designed with an actual chimney fireplace or a gas fireplace. Four season rooms simply offer the variability and affordability for a practical and beautiful home addition.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Retreating from hot summer days or from the winter cold and still enjoying the serenity and beauty of viewing your natural surroundings is only possible year-round with a four season room. Welter Construction is the contractor of choice that brings the experience, craftsmanship, and eye for precision that allows homeowners the niceties of home comfort and outdoor enjoyment all year long.

Whether you’re enjoying a family night, throwing a party, or spending some much needed tranquil “me” time in the morning, a new four season room or porch brings you closer to those things that matter most in your life. Four season rooms give you the sensations of being outdoors without having to put up with all the insects, the weather changes, and animal intruders.

Four Season Room Designs

The first step when planning your four season room is the location. So, it’s important to consider our region. A southern exposure will receive the most sunlight each day year-round. The next step is considering the materials you want your four season room constructed of. Beautiful brown cedar creates the traditional aesthetic and perfect atmosphere of peace and relaxation. There are also other material options, such as vinyl or aluminum.

You’ll also want to consider the purpose of your four season room in terms of usage. Are you going to make a greenhouse with flowering and vining plants? Perhaps you want a four season sports room where you can enjoy the big games each week. Perhaps you’re going for a more cozy atmosphere with a gas fireplace and a book nook to pass the time reading “outdoors” while safely and comfortably inside.

The next step is to contact Welter Construction! Our design team is standing by and ready to make your four season room dream a reality! Call 763-780-6007 or contact us online today.