One of the primary benefits of remodeling your home or adding a room addition is maximizing your available square footage to suit your lifestyle. For example, remodeling unfinished attics and basements are always smart choices to accommodate your growing family or business, and to provide a space for your leisure activities and passions.

However, sometimes it pays to tap your creativity and think outside the box of your home’s four walls, and extend your living spaces outdoors. For these reasons and many more, read on to shed some light on the joys and benefits of converting your porch into a four seasons room.


A four season porch extends your living spaces beyond your home’s footprint to add valuable square footage with versatile functionality. It’s a space where you can enjoy Minnesota’s great outdoors without grappling with foul weather and insects, and still maintain the privacy and comfort of being indoors. Moreover, whether you choose an elegant, contemporary or bold design, a four season porch will infuse your home with natural light that can energize, beautify and inspire your lifestyle.


A four season room turns your porch into a multi-purpose “every reason” room. With natural light and window views all around, it’s an inviting space that may serve virtually any function and purpose you have in mind.

  • Family and friends gathering space: Enjoy a space where you can entertain family, friends and guests any time of year.
  • Home office: Work literally outside the box in a space that is sure to spark creativity where you can be your most productive.
  • Indoor gardening room: Do you have a passion for plants, flowers and/or growing your own food, herbs and spices? Your four season porch can be a greenhouse with built-in perks for relaxing, reading, singing, listening to music or anything you please.
  • Body and mind: Yoga, Pilates, aerobics, nautilus, free weights, music and meditation — turn your four season porch into a “me” room to improve your quality of life from the inside out.
  • Play room: Whether for your children or the child inside of you, a four season porch makes a great play and game room.
  • Media room: Are you into movies, music and entertainment? Design a media and theater room that combines the latest technologies and entertainment with spectacular outdoor views.


A four season porch doesn’t have to break the bank to serve your purposes. Working with the right designer and contractor can save you money and add value to your home. You should also consider efficiency features regarding insulated glass and materials to help save energy and keep your four season porch as comfortable as it can be, whether snow is falling on your skylights or staying cool indoors on a hot and humid summer day.

If you want to maximize the functionality of your Minnesota home, speak with a professional home contractor to explore your options. Contact the professionals at Welter Construction today to learn more about converting your outdoor space to an indoor four season porch.