The modern kitchen we know today, as being a focal point of the home, an entertainment hub for family and friends, and even being called the heart of the home, is a relatively young concept. Before the 1950s, most kitchens were tiny rooms with little more than a tin sink, a food prep table, and had no running water.

During the 1950s, advances in technology and a booming economy inspired the first dramatic American-style kitchen remodeling project. For the first time, the newly remodeled American kitchen was equipped with electric appliances, designed with vibrant and fashionable colors, and had plenty of room to host family meals and discussions of the day to this very day. So, if you are ready to explore how to update your kitchen, we can help. Let’s get started!


With any remodeling project, especially involving the kitchen or bathroom, it is important to know what you want and need from your newly remodeled space in order to stay on track regarding the construction timetable and the remodeling budget. So, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. In what ways are you going to use your remodeled kitchen?

Your answer is likely going to be another question, and then some more. That’s how good remodel projects start off. This is the fun phase where you imagine how beautiful your new kitchen is going to look. This is the phase where you decide what is actually going to go into the new kitchen regarding new appliances, storage space, new countertops, wall coverings, flooring, and the list goes on. How much seating does your new kitchen need? Is it going to be a daily gathering place? Would you like to host holiday get-togethers? How many meals will be prepared in a typical week? You get the idea. Now, the next question:

2. What works for you in your current kitchen?

Find a pen and notepad and go into your kitchen. Starting from the flooring and working your way up to the ceiling and lighting, write down everything in your kitchen that works for you as far as function and design go. It may seem odd, but this is sometimes a tough question for people to answer. If the question doesn’t inspire you, flip it on its head. What doesn’t work for you in your current kitchen?


By asking important questions and writing down the answers, your new kitchen should come into better focus. You are making real decisions that affect functionality, interior design, and your budget. You are beginning to set renovation goals. You must have goals to be able to identify a successful kitchen remodel project.


One very popular renovation goal is adding more kitchen storage. To design useful storage kitchen ideas, you may need to review what you wrote down regarding how you’re going to use your new kitchen. For example, do you like to bake cakes, muffins, and other deserts? If you do, you may need storage for your stand mixer, baking pans, and other baking supplies. Your storage solutions may be different if you like canning fruits and vegetables, for example, or perhaps you like to host events and need storage space to accommodate enough dishware for large gatherings.


Kitchen appliances available today offer far more functionality and designs than appliances manufactured a few decades ago. In fact, modern appliances offer the best in innovation and convenience all in a beautiful package. So, updating your kitchen couldn’t be called an update without equipping it with appliances you’re going to love that fit your needs. Some ideas include microwave drawers that save counter space and steam ovens that speed cooking time and keep meats juicy!

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