Before you put your home on the market, make a list of home improvements that will make it more appealing to buyers. Depending on the condition and age of your home, this list could encompass a wide array of projects, such as new paint or siding, sprucing up your deck or replacing doors and windows. However, there’s one project that quite literally tops the list. Use the following tips to prepare your roof when selling your home so that you may maximize your return on investment.


Your roof is a complex system that consists of many layers and materials. It also includes your gutters and unfinished attic space. So, regardless of the outward appearance of your roof shingles or tiles, the first step in preparing your roof when selling your home is getting a roof inspection from a qualified roofing contractor.

For example, shingles or tiles that look to be in good condition could actually be hiding leaks or soft spots in the decking. On the other hand, if your roof has a few cosmetic issues, such as missing shingles or loose flashing, there may not be any underlying damage. A simple roof repair may be all that’s needed.

In other words, looks can be deceiving, and savvy home buyers know that what you see isn’t always what you get. With the results of a professional roof inspection in your hand, prospective buyers will be more confident in investing their money in your home.


The second step for preparing your roof to sell your home is contingent on the results of the inspection.

  • Does your roofing system need repair?
  • Is it at the end of its service life and in need of replacement?
  • Have water leaks caused damage to your home that necessitate repairs?

These are all good questions that require determining the ROI (return on investment) of repairing vs. replacing vs. your expected selling price with or without repair or replacement costs. You’ll need professional estimates from your roofing contractor and your realtor.

Another factor in this equation is the speed at which you want to sell your home. A new roof or newly repaired roof goes a long way to attracting more potential buyers. If you don’t undertake needed roof repairs or replacement, it gives the buyer a bargaining chip. If you make the repairs or replace your roof, you have the advantage. After all, few things if any improve your home’s curb appeal more than a beautiful roof.


Bear in mind that if your roof is in dire need of repairs or a replacement, this could cause issues with the lenders of potential buyers. Many lenders mandate that essential roof repairs or replacement is made before closing. Though, this isn’t always the case which is good news if you’re not in a position to undertake a major expense.

Moreover, there are folks who would jump at the chance to own a home that is in need of some TLC. With an accurate and professional roof inspection, all parties can make the best educated decisions. In the end, if you do decide to replace your roof, make sure you use a reputable contractor that can guarantee that the roof warranty for labor and materials will be fully transferable to the new home owner.

For the best results preparing your roof to sell your home in Minnesota, contact the professionals at Welter Construction to help guide you through the process.