Building a mudroom is a great expansion project for any home. Whether you live in the country or in the city, a mudroom works for you by serving to meet your needs as you enter and exit your home. Adding a mudroom to your home can make a huge difference in the traffic flow or where seasonal items are stored. Here are four things you should consider before building your mudroom.

  1. The placement of a mudroom is key to how it will serve your home. Building a mudroom in an area where the household traffic comes in and out of the house frequently (such as near your garage or front entryway) will allow for easy access. If you decide to build a mudroom for storage purposes, a secluded area such as a basement room or main level closet might fit better. Before building, make sure you solidify your desired purpose for the mudroom.
  2. Once you’ve picked the placement of your mudroom, it’s time to decide the purpose for the room. For some families, it may be as simple as extra storage for shoes and raincoats. Other families might need more storage for children’s clothes or items for pets. Though it seems small, it’s important to figure out how you will use that room before you begin buying furniture or decorations for it.
  3. Storage is the third thing you want to consider while building a mudroom. For some, stacked blue bins might serve as adequate seasonal storage. For others, a desired aesthetic storage might be a cleaner look such as wicker baskets and white shelves. The type of storage you choose may also depend on where the mudroom is located in the house. White shelves and nice bins aren’t necessary for a closet, but out in the open, they might provide a more appealing view.
  4. Mudrooms can also serve as a multipurpose laundry room. Houses with larger square footage might have multiple laundry machines on different levels of the house to process clothes faster with ease. In this case, you might consider picking up a second-hand washer and dryer if you’re throwing wet or dirty clothes in those loads. Having a washing machine in your mudroom can save the hassle of bringing those sweaty baseball uniforms downstairs and back up.


Whether you build a mudroom to have maximum storage, an extra entryway, or simply a neat room, you are assured to get much use from it. Contact Welter Construction for a Fast FREE estimate.  We are experts in updating living spaces.  (763) 780-6007