You spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom every day.  Why not make the updates to make your life easier.   And, it doesn’t have to cost and arm and a leg.  When you invest in remodeling a master bathroom, you are not only building equity in your home but making your home more attractive for a future sale.  Here are a few benefits of remodeling your bathroom.

Home buyers are looking for remodeled bathrooms and kitchens.

The two most common rooms to remodel are the kitchen and bathroom.  This is because of the amount of time spent in these functional rooms and the wear and tear that goes along with that.    If you plan to sell your home in the next 5 years, then remodel wisely.  Be sure to include generous natural light, ample storage and choose permanent fixtures that are neutral in color.  If you have no plans to move, then allow yourself the flexibility to let your creative side shine.   This doesn’t mean go wild, but if you’ve always wanted a skylight or a certain tile, go for it.  By the time you do sell, chances are the tile will be back in style.  :-)  While you may not get every dollar back out of your bathroom remodel if you sell, but an updated bathroom is one of the top deciding factors for home buyers.

More storage.  Did we mention more storage?

When you remodel you can plan for more storage. Many areas of the bathroom are under utilized and are wasted space.  Fix that by creating in wall storage, under cabinet drawers or an extra cabinet in that blank corner.

Improve your homes energy efficiency.

When you are installing new lights, fixtures, windows, tubs and sinks, you have the option go choose to be energy efficient.  You will be using less electricity and water making for a fully energy efficient living space.

When you think about remodeling your bathroom it may seem overwhelming.  Don’t worry, we can help.  Contact us today and we’ll stop by in person to hear your vision.  This will allow us to get a closer look at your living space while making smart recommendations.

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