Get Your MN Roof Ready For Summer!

People don’t often get on a ladder and check the condition of their roof. Doing this on a regular basis could, however, eliminate costly roof repairs. Especially with the recent major hail storms that hit MN last summer – this could be the final opportunity for MN homeowners to file a claim from last June’s major hail storms!

If you get in the habit of doing a quick roof inspection once per year, it will help ensure your roof is always in good condition and prevent things deteriorating to the point that big, expensive repairs are required. Check the two critical areas discussed below at the start of spring and call in Welter Construction for help when needed.


Hail Damage

If your roof has hail damage, especially from the MN Hail storms last summer, call Welter Construction immediately! You will see evidence of hail damage on the gutters, and shingles. Anyone with good eyes can typically see the small dings and dents made by hail. If you need a fast free inspection, Welter Construction would be happy to come out and take a look for you! It’s important to file your claim ASAP if there is any evidence at all of the hail damage. If you don’t take advantage of last summers storm soon, the insurance companies will soon not regard your claim, and your roof wont be ready for this summer.



Gutters and downspouts should be checked first. These tend to collect leaves and debris throughout the years, especially during winter storms. If your gutters become filled with leaves, it could clog the downspout when it rains.

Clogged gutters often cause rainwater to back up under the roof eaves and this could result in water damage. Rain could also loosen the gutter from the house, causing the gutters to sag under the weight of the leaves, resulting in costly roof repairs.

Downspouts direct rainwater away from a building’s foundation. Clogged downspouts could ultimately cause foundation problems. To prevent damage, regularly check your gutters and downspouts for clogs this spring, and clear them out when required. Ensure that water runs through each gutter and downspout smoothly.

When cleaning your gutters by removing leaves, don’t use a hose to clear the debris. Using water could result in a clog that may later cause property damage. Remove the debris with your hand or a rake instead. Once most of the debris has been removed in this way, flush the remainder with water.

Check that gutters don’t have any low spots in them where water can pool and cause them to rust. Gutters should ideally be perfectly straight or at the most slope one inch every 15 to 20 feet. If required, adjust your gutters accordingly.



Sunlight can cause extensive heat damage to shingles during summer. Spring is a good time to check that the shingles will last through another dry, hot summer.

Check to see if there are any shingles that have folded upwards into a cup shape, or have become brittle. This type of damage may happen due to a manufacturer defect, or age.

When shingles are bent or brittle, they will allow rainwater to seep under your roof, and this will result in water damage. If the roof damage is only noticed once water spots appear on the ceiling, it is often too late and major repair are required.


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