During the winter season, to-do lists tend to pile up. Whether you are checking off the “honey do list” or checking off the days until your family vacation, you most likely have tasks you desire to complete on multiple lists. But, have you ever considered remodeling your home during winter? What about checking off some house remodeling projects from your home refurbishing list?

While you might be thinking that winter would be the last season you would start a home remodeling project in, you might be surprised to know that winter can be the best season for basement remodels  or kitchen remodels. With time off, you don’t have to worry about scheduling contractors around your work or family schedule. Contractors are generally more available during the winter season because of the surplus of summer renovations.

Winter projects can cost less, due to the high demand for remodeling needs in warmer months. So, completing a project in your home during the winter is both time and cost-effective. The third highlight of winter renovations is having an updated look on your house before holiday parties. From new cabinets and flooring to a fresh coat of paint, the effort you put into a winter remodel will be appreciated for years to come.

With the added time off, you are free to strategize and create your project without the hustle and bustle of a work schedule. Winter home remodeling projects not only spruce up your house, but they can significantly add value to your home. If you live in the Twin Cities (Ramsey, Anoka, Rogers, Andover to name a few) and are looking to schedule a home remodel, or you simply have questions about completing a remodel project, give Welter Construction a call at 763-600-8011