Whether it’s an ice dam or failed flashing, trapped water can create a long list of damages to your home.   When water is trapped during the winter season it constantly goes through a freeze and thaw cycle. The water finds its way into a previously damaged area or a small crack and when the water freezes, it expands the damage.  Then when the ice melts, there is yet a larger crack for the water to go into, and the freeze and expand cycle continues. Often times this can lead to a roof leak with damage to ceilings, walls and floors.


Winter can bring strong winds and storm damage.  Wind can cause significant roof damage like shingles being torn or cracked to tree branches falling on your roof.  In the winter cold, shingles are brittle so any lifting or blunt force can create cracks, compromising your roof. We are your contractor experts in Ramsey to help find the damage on the roof.


Excessive icicles can be a sign of an inefficient roof.  Heat is trapped in the eaves of the roof allows the snow to melt and water runs down the front of the eave turning back to ice.   You may need more insulation or better ventilation.

Knocking down icicles is not only dangerous but can cause a lot of damage to your home.  If you have a serious problem with large icicles, your roof most likely has a problem that should be addressed.


The gutter edge of your roof can be susceptible to ice dams. When snow on you roof melts, pools at the gutter edge and refreezes you will develop an ice dam. If the ice dam is tall enough it will allow water to back up and leak under the shingles and into your attic. The easiest solution is to keep 4-5 feet from the gutter edge free of snow. Whenever more than 2″ of snow falls, from the ground using a roof rake, gently pull the snow from the eaves of the house to the ground. Focus on areas of the roof that will be warmer like over the kitchen and bathroom. Do not go on the roof or on a ladder.

There is never a good time to deal with a  damaged roof. Especially in the cold winter months. If you suspect you may have roof damage, give us a call. We’ll come out right away to provide you with a FREE inspection.

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