So, it’s thinning on top and bare in some areas?  It’s also getting harder to manage and the damage is done, now what?  We’re not talking about your hair, we’re talking about your roof.

Although your hairline is important, what’s even more important it is the integrity of your roof.   The shingles on your roof protect what is often one of your most valuable assets.  They protect your family and all of your other possessions.  The combination of seasonal weather in the upper midwest can be brutal on your shingles.   Water, wind, freezing water, sun and re-freezing water can over time damage your roofs shingle allowing water to leak past and into your attic or walls.

Aged Roof
Shingled roofs have an average life of 15-20 years.  What happens is the shingle breaks down over time.   Rain, wind, snow and blazing sun slowly wear away at the life of your shingle.   The small rocks on your shingle wear and wash off and your shingles become brittle and can fracture allowing water to penetrate your home.   How do you know if your roof needs replacement?   Often times if you see the small shingle rocks in your gutter down spouts or along the edge of your home if you don’t have gutters.  The best way is to have us stop by and provide a Free fast, no-contact inspection of your roof.

Storm Damaged Roof
The midwest has some of the most beautiful seasons as well as some of the most brutal.  At any time, the extreme weather in each season can bring damage to your home requiring an insurance claim.  The team at Welter Construction are trusted experts in navigating the insurance claim process.  Our trained inspectors are on your side and work to find ALL of the damage and will work with your adjuster to be sure it is covered.   Whenever you are considering a claim, it’s key to meet with a contractor prior to the adjuster coming to your property as they are not trained to find the depth of the damage as experienced contractors.

If you are in need of a little more volume on top, give us a call, we’d be happy to talk.   Call today, we’re standing by 24/7   763-780-6007