If you are like many of our customers, you have a list written down somewhere or etched in your imagination of the home improvement projects you’d like to do (or need to do). We hear questions about these plans and projects from our customers all of the time.

“Can you convert my screened porch to a four season porch?”
“Do you recommend vinyl or wood windows and doors?”
“What is the best time of year to install new replacement siding?”

Regarding the last question, many people are surprised to hear that the winter season is as good as any for siding installation and many more home improvement projects. In fact, with fewer vacations and the kids in school, winter may be the perfect time to update the home. Start this new year 2022 off right by considering the following seven home improvement projects for winter.

Winter Season Home Improvement Ideas

1. Update the look of your kitchen.

For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home where conversations take place about the goings on of the day, get-togethers with friends and family, and of course, “Is dinner ready yet?” Perhaps that’s why kitchen remodel in Minneapolis projects consistently rank among the most popular. We at Welter Construction would be happy to share our kitchen remodel ideas to help inspire you of how great your new kitchen can look!

2. Give yourself the master bathroom you’ve always wanted.

A new walk-in shower with a light tunnel, “his” and “her” vanity areas, or something as simple as a new toilet and sink and tub fixtures, remodeling your master bathroom gives you the opportunity to personalize your private spaces. Speaking of space, we can give you some ideas on how to maximize your master bathroom space with storage, cabinet, and shelving ideas.

3. Turn your basement into a cozy living space.

From a new media room, a family room, a home office, to an extra bedroom, remodeling your basement offers a host of potential uses for new living space.

4. Update the look of your home with replacement siding and trim.

Many of our customers don’t realize that the winter season is actually a good time to install replacement siding and trim. Further, replacement siding is one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects that can really add to your home’s market value.

5. Stand out among your neighbors with new windows and doors.

A home exterior makeover wouldn’t be complete without new windows and doors. Let our design team help you see how our windows and doors installations can be much more than accents to the curb appeal of your home, but actually help your home really stand out and add character. As for vinyl, wood, or storm protection windows, we have windows available for you to view and help you make just the right choice!

6. Turn your deck or screened porch into a four season room.

Would you like to enjoy the Minnesota great outdoors from the comfort of your own home? That’s exactly what a four season room provides you. Like a basement remodel or a room addition, a four season room has the potential for many uses.

7. Make sure your attic is properly sealed and insulated.

The last winter time home improvement project on the list has to do more with being more comfortable in your home, saving energy, and preventing ice dams on the roof eaves. Air sealing and making sure your attic has enough insulation is a practical home improvement project that will pay for itself many times over through the years with great energy savings and by protecting your roofing system.

Do you have a home improvement project to tackle this winter? Contact the home improvement experts at Welter Construction online or by calling (763) 780-6007, and we’ll help turn your dreams into reality!