Home remodeling and construction projects can spark the creative nature inside of you and enhance the charm and functionality of your Minnesota home. Remodeling the kitchen and master bathroom are always popular projects and so are remodeling the basement and attic to better utilize those spaces. Have you considered extending your remodeling project beyond the confining walls of your home and exploring the benefits and joys of a four-season porch?

By breaking new ground right outside, you’re free to design virtually any four-season porch you can imagine. After all, a four-season porch is about creating a space to enjoy, entertain, and relax.


With a four-season porch, you can enjoy the beauty, energy, and tranquillity of nature every day of the year. You can enjoy the great outdoors that Minnesota has to offer regardless of the temperature outside and without any crawling or flying insects and pests. You can watch as nature comes to life with the early morning sun and watch as the sun goes down and daytime nature fades tonight. You can enjoy all your outdoor space has to offer from the comfort of your climate-controlled four-season porch.


A sun-drenched room brings warmth and beauty to your home and to your mood. Clinical research studies indicate that natural light is vital to the emotional health of people. In cooler winter season regions like Minnesota, some folks are affected by a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) that is often brought on by the changing seasons. A four-season porch soaked in natural sunlight may offset many of the symptoms associated with SAD during the colder winter months. Add your own plants and flowers and you’ll have a room full of beauty and health year-round!


Once you start thinking about constructing a four-season porch, it won’t take long before you imagine all of the different purposes such a space offers. Surrounded by beautiful windows, your visual aesthetic is unconfined by the transparent walls. You’ll create an inviting space that could serve many functions.

  • Imagine… a perfect home office where you can work outside.
  • Create a special gathering space for family and friends.
  • Construct a media room for watching sporting events, movies, and listening to music.
  • Grow your dream in-home greenhouse filled with plants and flowers or even food, spices, and herbs!
  • Soak in the energy-filled natural light as you enjoy Yoga, Pilates, and meditation.

Another joy of a four-season porch for your Minnesota home is increased home value! Work with the right home contractor to design the four-season porch of your dreams and within your budget, and your dream room also becomes a cost-effective home addition!

You’ve made a great choice to construct a four-season porch you can enjoy every day of the year. Next, make the right choice in home contractors by calling (763) 294-8099 to speak with a representative at Welter Construction!