Have you been wanting to do some remodeling in your home? 2017 is definitely the time to do it. The economy is on the rise, contractors are ready to do business, and financing is still affordable. The question comes down to what project do you want to tackle first.


Here are five remodeling projects you can tackle this year:



Enhancing the insulation in your home. When most people think of remodeling, they think of painting walls, changing floors, or adding a new room. But, remodeling can also involve improving your home’s energy efficiency. Adding additional insulation in your attic will reduce your heating and cooling costs. Plus it adds additional value to your home when it comes time to sell.



Expand your outdoor living space. Adding more usable living space to your home doesn’t need to involve adding a room or finishing a basement. It can mean expanding the space you use outside. Adding a new deck or expanding an existing one can give you that extra square footage. You might want to add an outdoor kitchen or put in a free-standing fireplace to enjoy on cool evenings.



Give your bathroom a major update. Dated tile, lack of storage, and odd configurations can definitely bring down the look and usefulness of your bathroom. Renovating a bathroom can be a bit chaotic, but well worth it since you use the room multiple times a day for different things. Replace the tile with a neutral hue, add more storage, and tweak the room’s layout for the most impact.



Bring your kitchen into the last half of the 2010s. How old are the cabinets in your kitchen? Do you have a mix-and-match set of appliances? Is your kitchen functional with the way your family cooks and eats? The kitchen is usually the center of the family’s day and a place where friends hang out. Bringing in new appliances, updating the cabinets and expanding the space are all great ideas for renovating your kitchen in 2017.



Add a home theater. If you have unused space in your house, like an unfinished attic or basement, you have the space to put in a home theater. The biggest investments you will need to make for space are in the surround sound system and the projection/TV configuration. But, don’t forget to add comfortable furniture, black-out window coverings, and soft flooring.


If you are ready to renovate your home in 2017, you better get started. A knowledgeable, experienced contractor can make the process as easy and smooth as possible. Give Welter Construction a call today to get your project underway.