There is always a project to be done in the basement of your home. Projects could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or they might be more complicated such as installing new walls and plumbing. Whether you are completely restoring your basement or simply doing a seasonal tune-up, the team at Welter Construction wanted to share a few tips!

When you work with Welter Construction, we will make sure that all of your projects meet your city’s code requirements. This process might take a little research, but it is worth double-checking regulations before time or money is invested in a renovation. Getting stuck in the middle of a construction project can be untimely, especially if the basement needs to be finished by a certain date. Before we begin any project, we will share the plan, timing, and cost so we’re all on the same page.

If you have yet to choose lighting for your basement, your input is critical. Indoor light generally comes in three different shades: cool, warm, and natural.  Cool light tends to have a bluish tint to it and has a decently bright strobe. Warm light appears more orange and is soft, almost like the light that is given off by a campfire. The third, natural light, is very similar to how the sun can illuminate a room around midday. These options depend entirely on your preference, but they could also depend on what the main purpose of the basement is.

After we do the framing and installing the walls and ceiling, your floor will be your last task to finish. Basement floors can vary from concrete to tile, to shag rug, even to wood floor. For example, most laundry rooms are concrete or tile with a drain in the floor in case of an accidental overflow. But, most living or lounge spaces in basements are generally carpeted due to the level of comfort. Again, choosing one of these options depends on the purpose of the room and other factors such as moisture control or aesthetics.

If you have questions about basement remodeling or you would like to know more about the process, give us a call at (763) 780-6007  We are experts in Basement Remodeling, contact us today for a free estimate.