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5 Dos and 2 Don’ts After Storm Damage Hits


When your home has been hit by a storm, dealing with the aftermath can be discouraging and even frightening. Sometimes, even in best-case scenarios, storm damage is unavoidable. While dealing with insurance companies, weighing storm damage repairs, and even dealing with the possibility of additional damage from following storms can be quite overwhelming, we’ve put

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5 Signs You May Need A New Roof


If you’re reading this article and other articles like it, you may be concerned that you have a problem with your roof—perhaps a very big problem requiring a complete roof replacement. First of all, from the thousands of roof inspections we’ve performed over the years, the results of the roof inspections by far tallied in

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Will Insurance Pay For A New Roof?


When your Maple Grove or Delano area home has been damaged by a storm or hail, one of the first things on your mind may be, “Is insurance going to pay for this”? That’s quite literally the $20,000 question. And, it’s not so easy to answer and it can take time to evaluate your

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How About A Little TLC For Your Gutters This Spring


While your gutters aren’t the most exciting system of your home or business, they are one of the most practical systems built into the structure. Gutters carry the weight of an extremely important function, and that is to convey water away from the exterior walls and foundation of your home or business. In fact,

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Winterizing A Residential Roof Checklist


With the inevitable chilly, wet and snowy weather just around the corner, it's the right time to take the steps to winterize your home. Any good home winterization plan should include the roofing system. Use these tips to help your roof help you stay more comfortable and save energy this winter season. Make Repairs Weak

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Has Your MN Roof Recovered From Last Summer’s Hail Storms?


Get Your MN Roof Ready For Summer! People don’t often get on a ladder and check the condition of their roof. Doing this on a regular basis could, however, eliminate costly roof repairs. Especially with the recent major hail storms that hit MN last summer - this could be the final opportunity for MN homeowners

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Patching Your Roof Vs. Replacing Your Roof


Whether newer or older, or shingle, tile, metal or shake, your roof protects one of your most cherished and important investments — your home. When your roof has sustained damage, either suddenly or by natural decline, you're going to ponder the "patch or replace" question. In reality, replacing any roof isn't a matter of if but

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