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Advantages of remodeling your bathroom.


You spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom every day.  Why not make the updates to make your life easier.   And, it doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg.  When you invest in remodeling a master bathroom, you are not only building equity in your home but making your home more

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Is Winter a Better Time To Remodel?


During the winter season, to-do lists tend to pile up. Whether you are checking off the "honey do list" or checking off the days until your family vacation, you most likely have tasks you desire to complete on multiple lists. But, have you ever considered remodeling your home during winter? What about checking off some

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Winterizing A Residential Roof Checklist


With the inevitable chilly, wet and snowy weather just around the corner, it's the right time to take the steps to winterize your home. Any good home winterization plan should include the roofing system. Use these tips to help your roof help you stay more comfortable and save energy this winter season. Make Repairs Weak

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Can fires really start in my gutters?


 It’s important to be aware of debris in your gutters. Leaves and sticks can be a culprit to a much more significant issue: gutter fires. Over the fall and winter, uncollected leaves from gutters decompose into smaller particles. When spring comes, these particles dry out and become flammable. Over the hot summer months, light can

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4 things to consider when building a mudroom


Building a mudroom is a great expansion project for any home. Whether you live in the country or in the city, a mudroom works for you by serving to meet your needs as you enter and exit your home. Adding a mudroom to your home can make a huge difference in the traffic flow or

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Why is proper roof venting important?


When your attic is properly ventilated, the built-up head is allowed to escape which increases the life of your roof, prevents interior structural damage and reduces energy costs.   It’s critical that your roof ventilation is working properly every day with every season. The goal is to create a gentle movement of air inside the attic

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Are you prepared to weather the storm


Mother nature has a unique way of keeping us on our toes.  Storms can come up out of nowhere in and around Minneapolis and surrounding communities and create significant damage, so it's important to be prepared.  If you are hit by a storm, the aftermath can be devastating.  Welter Construction is your storm damage

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How To Protect Your MN Roof This Winter


Protect Your Roof This Winter Against Ice And Snow As another Minnesota winter approaches, many homeowners are beginning to feel the effects of the cold. We’re all hoping our home’s roofing and gutters are ready to face the snow and ice. Home protection is one of the most important reasons why you should upgrade

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Patching Your Roof Vs. Replacing Your Roof


Whether newer or older, or shingle, tile, metal or shake, your roof protects one of your most cherished and important investments — your home. When your roof has sustained damage, either suddenly or by natural decline, you're going to ponder the "patch or replace" question. In reality, replacing any roof isn't a matter of if but

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning an Asphalt Roof


If your roof is on your spring-cleaning checklist, good for you, good for your roof and for your wallet. Ridding your roof of infestations, such as black algae, mold, moss and/or green lichen blotches, is essential to maximizing roof performance and service life and avoiding expensive repairs. Use caution, however, and use this guide

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