Skylights Pros And Cons


Summer is a great time of year for home-improvement projects, such as adding a four-season room or installing those window replacements you’ve been eyeing. There’s another home-improvement project gaining in popularity that like a four-seasons room and new windows brings the outdoors into your home. Have you considered the bold and beautiful look of adding

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Will Insurance Pay For A New Roof?


When your Maple Grove or Delano area home has been damaged by a storm or hail, one of the first things on your mind may be, “Is insurance going to pay for this”? That’s quite literally the $20,000 question. And, it’s not so easy to answer and it can take time to evaluate your

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5 Ways A Leaky Roof Can Damage Your Home


When it comes to maintaining a home’s structural integrity against the elements, the roof is the pinnacle of protection standing above other home systems. Of course, that doesn’t mean your roof is fail-proof to developing leaks. Roofs in our area must contend with abundant snowfall, severe storms, and occasional hail. Ice dams are a

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Get A Roof Inspection When Buying Or Selling A Home


Any time you are buying or selling a home, you have to be on guard for potential pitfalls in the process and deficiencies in the home. This is especially true for first-time home buyers and sellers. In this case, and any time you're in the home market, knowledge is truly power and gives you many

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Prolong the Life of Your Roof: Avoid 3 Pitfalls


If there’s one system in your home that you don’t want to fail, it’s your roof. Your roof covers and protects all of the other systems inside your house. But, do you really know the condition of your roofing system? Read on to learn about three pitfalls that can damage your roofing system and how

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Your Roof, Attic, and Home Comfort: What’s the Connection?


When the mercury outside is spiking or diving, it sure is nice to walk into a comfortable home. But, if your home is like many, there are hot and cold spots around and sometimes high energy bills. Well, the comfort in your home is connected to your unconditioned attic and your roof. Here’s how. START

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From our experience in the construction and roofing industry for more than 30 years, not too many homeowners put a high priority on inspecting their roofs. That is, not until a leak is spotted in the home. If you wait until a leak is spotted on a ceiling or wall, it likely means that extensive


Things looking a little patchy on top?


So, it's thinning on top and bare in some areas?  It's also getting harder to manage and the damage is done, now what?  We're not talking about your hair, we're talking about your roof. Although your hairline is important, what's even more important it is the integrity of your roof.   The shingles on your roof

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Winterizing A Residential Roof Checklist


With the inevitable chilly, wet and snowy weather just around the corner, it's the right time to take the steps to winterize your home. Any good home winterization plan should include the roofing system. Use these tips to help your roof help you stay more comfortable and save energy this winter season. Make Repairs Weak

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Problems with your roof this winter???


Let’s face it.  The upper midwest can bring some pretty brutal weather. All year long your roof takes a beating from wind, hail, rain and ice.   If you are not paying close attention, damage can happen right under your nose. TRAPPED WATER- Whether it’s an ice dam or failed flashing, trapped water can create a

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